About Our Agency

Our business is making yours grow using powerful Live Funnels that automate the full buyer's journey.

The challenge was really simple. It seemed to me that some people were making a lot of money online and others weren't.


Usually the people with the least to offer were making the most.


And the people with the most to offer were making the least.


So I decided to crack the code on what was working, and what wasn't, and help everyone realize the full of value of their offerings.


I started with my friends and mentors, many of whom were executives, entrepreneurs and professionals who wanted to build their careers, boost their businesses or grow their practices.

I built an app, Scoby Social, to deepen their connections with partners, colleagues, prospects, clients and customers. 


Then I integrated the funnels, provided training and watched their income soar!

Meet The Founder

David Larson Levine

David is a serial entrepreneur who founded five tech companies, raised tens of millions of dollars in venture capital, was awarded several patents, wrote one of the first books on the Java programming language, and lives in the woods by the river just upstream from a small town in West Virginia.

He is passionate about leveling the playing field online so that startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs can compete with big companies, professionals can grow their practices with less effort and expense, and innovative products can rapidly find their markets.


He's doing this with his app, Scoby Social, his online programs, Scoby Academy, and the Live Funnels offered here at Scoby Studio.

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